List of Breeders

Please respect that all breeders have the right to refuse sale to anyone at their own discretion.

While I try my best to ensure these breeders are reputable – often proven through interaction/photos/testimonials from the Facebook group, I cannot guarantee this. If you have any concerns, please use the contact form.

HAND RAISED vs. HAND REARED: Hand raised birds have been fed by people.  Hand reared birds have been fed by people who have also spent a lot of time interacting with them, so are almost always tamer. You can still get parent raised birds which are handled daily by humans, and have them just as tame as hand raised.








bContact: Amba Kalpins
Instagram: DM @Cockatielz or @Cockatielphoaoaday
Hand Raised/Reared/Aviary: Hand-reared, Hand tame and aviary
Mutations: White-face, Cinnamon, Pearl, Pied, Normal grey and all combinations of the 5.
Bio: I’m a small scale breeder located in Melbourne. I love bird keeping and all that comes with it. I pride myself on ensuring my birds have varied healthy diets with lots of enrichment to contribute to happy, healthy and sociable babies.
Requirements: I can hold a baby for you without a deposit and you will receive regular photos and updates either through Instagram or email as they grow. I also love receiving photos of my bubs at their new forever homes (ie from you, but this is not a requirement)





aContact: Meg Betty
Facebook: Cockatiels Weiros Perth WA
Hand Raised/Reared/Aviary: Hand-reared and aviary, from babies to mature adults
Mutations:  White-face, Cinnamon, Pied, Pearl, Lutino, Albino, Platinum and most combinations of these mutations
Bio: At Cockatiels Weiros Perth WA we have been keeping, breeding, hand-rearing and rescuing Australian parrots since 2004. We specialise in hand reared Cockatiels (available all year round) and Eastern King parrots (available seasonally). We aim to breed healthy, happy, beautiful and loving pet birds for your family.
Requirements: We take holds without deposits from four weeks of age and will keep you updated with photos as your baby grows.



aContact: Naomi Haddrill and Michelle Miller
Facebook: Naomi’s Nursery
Hand Raised/Reared/Aviary: Hand-reared
Mutations:  We aim to get all mutations and colour variations
Bio: I am a mother of three that’s just started back at work. I have a great job at my local pet shop, which is great as I can take my feather babies to work with me to feed and look after them.  My aunt and I do this together.  We have always been close but this has made us closer; it’s a love and passion we both share.
Requirements: We love to meet prospective families first.  There they can meet their potential baby too.  We take holds and while a deposit is usually required this can be negotiated at our discretion.



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